Your Roof Needs a Bath. . . It’s About That Time!

If your roof has ugly “black stains” and ugly “black streaks” or “algae growing on your shingles” or slate, the answer is “definitely.”  You probably have thought about it at one time or another but did you know that neglecting to clean your roof properly will eventually lead to you having to get a roof replacement?

The Staining on Your Roof is an Indicator that the Damage has Already Begun!

Choose now to eliminate the organisms that are slowly gnawing away at your roof leaving behind unsightly stains.  Algae, lichens, and moss are feasting on the organic materials in your roof shingles.  It’s true, these organisms can eat through your shingles and into the roof framework.  Most people see this as wood rot.  Over time, minor rot accumulates moisture which enters the lightly damaged areas of deterioration.  This process creates a process conducive to mold growth which can be very dangerous if left unchecked.

Your Insurance Company Can Cancel Your Homeowner’s Policy




In an effort to save money, more and more insurance companies are requiring homeowners to confront their stained neglected rooftops or face policy termination.  There have been cases reported where companies give a homeowner a very short time to comply or else. . . .   Your insurance company may or may not be one who is beginning these proactive measures.  The fact clearly illustrates though the importance of not taking the ugly stains on your roof for granted.


Lower Cooling Costs:  The Result of Roof Cleaning?

That’s right!  A roof covered with all those organisms has a heck of a time doing it’s job of reflecting sunlight.  Shingles covered with all kinds of organic material suck in heat thus making your attic a microwave.  (Not really a microwave but you get the pictureembarassed.)  Additional summer energy bills combined with the already excessive heating bills from this past winter just isn’t necessary.


Don’t Replace that Roof Just Yet!

Having your roof thoroughly cleaned by the professionals at The Soft Wash Pro can stave off the need to take such drastic actions.  This small investment will not only have your roof sparkling in a few hours but also lend longevity to the roof over the heads of you and your family.


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Black streaks on roof in Montville ct

Before and After pic of black roof Streaks being washed off roof.

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The ever-changing climate in New London county, Middlesex county, Windham county, and Putham county, llows algae to grow on your roof, causing black roof stains, black streaking on roofs and moss to build up. Most people think discoloration and roof staining is a from pollution, dust, pollen or tree sap settling on your roof. If you have asphalt shingles, slate or some other synthetic stone on your roof, all types of shingles can be affected by roof stains and black streaking on your roof. This can be just a few black streaks on you roof or you could have a completely discolored roof. If you do not take the necessary preventative measure of having your roof washed by a “professional roof cleaning company”, the alga and black staining can drastically reduce the life of your shingles.