Trees, shrubs and other plants in your garden may need supplemental and regular watering, especially in summer months. Local climate may not provide sufficient quantities of water and that’s when a soaker hose comes in useful. With additional timer, you can dose specific quantity of water consistently. The most important characteristic of the hose is water dispersion and ideally it should be very even. The best overall hose is Water Right 50-foot hose, while the best value for the money is Gilmour Flat.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can used timed soaker hoses to keep your gardens watered well during the summer months.
  • With a soaker hose, the water will go directly to the roots where it can be absorbed well.
  • When purchasing a soaker hose, you should look for water being emitted evenly, no kinks, and more.

“Because soaker hoses don’t spray plant foliage, this method of watering significantly reduces the chance of plants developing fungal problems commonly caused by overhead watering.”

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