Mulching blades cut the clumps of grass in smaller length pieces that are beneficial for the soil and healthiness of your lawn. They are typically easy to install, and can be used on wide variety of lawn mowers. Length and weight of mulching blades need to be considered based on your mower and your desired mulching result. Rotary’s three-blade set is the best overall blade, while universal blade by Maxpower provide the best value. Blades for mulching leaves are somewhat different design and our pick for that purpose is Oregon Blades’ G5 blade.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our number one blade is the Rotary 3-Blade Set for 48-inch Deck. These are heavy duty but you probably don’t want to skip using a bagger.
  • If you’re on a budget you should try the Maxpower 21-Inch Universal Mulching Mower Blade. They fit on five-point stars and bow-tie shafts,
  • You may want to consider mulching if you want to avoid the work of bagging and especially if you want to break the leaves down and use them as fertilizer

“This pushes grass clippings into the bagger with more airflow than a standard blade. Many mulching blades also have teeth (similar to a serrated knife) cut into the lift.”

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