Garden ponds are a beautiful piece to any backyard landscape, but without proper maintenance and upkeep, these ponds can turn into a swamp. It’s best to clean out any debris from the water with a skimmer net or pond vacuum. Also, you should be giving your pond a deep clean every fall when your fish are least active. During the summer heat, your water levels could lower due to evaporation, so it’s best to top off your pond with rainwater. Finally, in the winter, you’ll need to do what you can to prevent your pond from freezing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Garden ponds need regular upkeep or else this beautiful fixture will turn into an unhealthy eyesore.
  • When cleaning your pond, you should use a skimmer net and pond vacuum to clear out any debris.
  • The heat of summer can slowly evaporate your pond, so make sure to refill it with rainwater.

“Give your pond a deep cleaning during late autumn, as that is when most creatures are less active.”

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