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Those Ugly Black Streaks On Your Roof Are Not Dirt.  IT’S Bacteria!!!

Welcome to The Soft Wash Pro!

For pressure washing Connecticut homeowners and businesses turn to Thesoftwashpro.

As a home owner or business owner there’s nothing worse than driving up to your home or property and seeing nothing but dirt, grime and moss buildup. It can really put a crimp on the pride you feel for your home or property, and worse, sends a not so pleasant message to your neighbors and the people you do business with. And beyond the visual of all that dirt, it can actually pose health and safety issues.

If this scene sounds familiar, help is only a call away… and it’s the cleanest call you’ll ever make!

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They are extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable

The team was quick to respond to my call and did a great job. They were able to fix my concerns and, when they realized the job was larger than initially thought, they made sure it was done well and at a fair price. While on the job, the owner was also kind enough to address some smaller issues inside my home (shaky banister) for which he charged me minimally. When working with them, I feel secure that I am not getting taken advantage of and that I am receiving quality service.

Laura Moya              October 2017Reviews

Absolutely Exceptional!

Fred and his team did an excellent job and completed our project quickly and for a great price. We would absolutely hire them again for any project. We can’t wait to use our new deck this summer, thank you!  Renee Doolittle     June 2017 Reviews

Professional, experienced, and determined

We had some wind damage in which parts of our siding came off. I did call other places for estimates as well.
Fred however, came out after 5p.m. that same day I called him. So I’m thinking “Wow, this guy is dedicated.” I was right. Fred did an excellent job on what was needed. He took our bent siding plus we had extra material from when the siding was first installed many years ago, and made it all look great. We were also concerned about our roof but he reassured us it was still sound. Such a great job that he is my guy to go to for any other projects we will have.
  Marian Holden     January 2017

Why choose us

With many years experience as a contractor in the New England area, we have amassed a considerable amount of experience in dealing with everything having to do with the overall health and structural integrity around your roof.  We eagerly look forward to upgrading your home’s exterior with pressure washing services that are gentle on your home and budget.



It’s not just our 5 star rating with Google and our BBB A+ rating that demonstrate our enthusiasm for our work but also the fact that we believe in treating your home as if it were ours.  See what other customers have had to say about u s by clicking here.



We arrive on time and do our logistical best to compliment your at work and home schedule when called for.



Whether it’s upgrading our mobile wash systems or double checking our customer scheduling for the week, we are constantly trying to raise the bar for the sake of our clients.

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